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Whether you are storming an Alien Wasteland or conquering the Realm of Death itself, the Deadlands Clash Mat is the perfect way to bring your gaming table to life. 


To the left you’ll see pictures from the Death of Nagash campaign game hosted by M.O.B. Games in Lake Stevens, WA. This day long event saw a massive army of Death struck down a monstrous Daemon incursion. The game was epic and beautiful in equal measure. 

Point is, no matter what type of miniature wargame you play the Deadlands gaming mat design can suit it!

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Transport Case IncludedEach Clash Mat comes with a easy to use carrying case. Your mat can quickly and simply be rolled up for easy storage and transport. Each case has two zippers and a set of handles to secure and carry your gaming surface with ease. 


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Water ProofThis high quality image is sealed under a water proof resistant coating to protect your gaming surface. This seal also protects the mat from alcohol, soda and many common household cleaners. To properly clean, simply spray with a common window cleaner for a crisp clean mat.

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What is a Clash Mat?

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